The Crown is a feature unique to TattooDay and is a voting system on tattoo work that resets itself every month. Each registered client and artist gets to crown one tattoo each month as their absolute favourite. You can change your mind if something better shows up before the end of the month but your first choice will disappear.

Any crowns an artist receives and holds onto at the end of the month will be registered in their account profile.  The more crowns an artist has, the more achieved artist they probably are.  

You can see all tattoos worldwide that have received votes by hitting the crown listing button on the bottom of the page.

Rules for Crown voting:

-Artists are not able to vote for themselves.

-An artist can only be voted on once every 12 months by a registered user.  This will prevent manipulation of crowns by artists.

-Crown listings will reset on the first of every month.

-Once enough artists are participating, TattooDay will be giving out a Tattoo of the Month certificate chosen from the top 10 crown votes.


Click on the fist icon which is the "Up for Grabs" section